IMG_1464Hello welcome to Sewgirl Blog, dedicated to showing you with clear photos and text how to make Sewgirl patterns along with pattern hacks, tutorial links and fabric suggestions. Whether you have been to one of my workshops or have bought a pattern this is aimed to help you through sewing process to make your experience hassle free.

If you cant find the post you are looking for just type the pattern name in the search bar and it should pop up or here is a direct link from the website clothes patterns page.


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  1. I tried to download the pattern for the Daisy Top from my 2019 January Sew magazine but could not find it. After contacting the magazine, I was told it is no longer available at their site.
    I don’t see it here either. Is there anywhere I could get it? I wish I had downloaded it as soon as I got the magazine, but had no idea it would be taken down.

    Thank you


    1. Hi Dee so sorry you didn’t get it in time, I have a contract with Sew mag to allow the copyright for 6 months which expired about six months ago. I don’t have a download available but I do have a longer version of the pattern (Hilda tunic) available on my site http://www.sewgirl.co.uk . I can give you a discount of 50% before post and pop in the shorter length details if thats of any help. best regards Fiona


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